Michael G. Gendron Vice-President, Associate Broker, CRS, CRM, CNHS, GRIKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Michael is a native of a small New England city and state in Claremont, New Hampshire.  The oldest of six boys and two girls, Michael developed leadership responsibilities at a very young age.

In 1975, following a promotion to a Euclid based industrial company, Michael moved with his family to Lake County.  In 1989, after serving 22 years at senior level operational and marketing positions, Michael left the machine tool industry and started his real estate practice and has been active in real estate for well over two decades.

The choice of a residential and commercial real estate career was an easy one. As a business developer and a ten time homeowner, Michael brings a strong history of experience in both the commercial and residential industries. He knows first hand what a buyer and seller should expect from their real estate professional.

Michael believes that every client should expect to be represented by a professional who has in-depth knowledge of the real estate process with timely and competent service. That same professional should advocate on behalf of the client as a reliable alley that protects their interests from the beginning of the marketing or buying process to the final day they close on their home or investment.

Michael has an academic background in General Business and Real Estate Management, Machine Tool Development, and Computer Technologies.  He believes that a strong professional education is important in effectively representing the needs of his clients.  In addition to his real estate broker license, he holds five real estate related certifications.

(440) 567-3120


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